Young males with low testosterone

Costs of the behavior described in prairie dogs include the risk to an individual of losing their own young while killing another's, not to mention the fact that they are killing their own relatives. In a species where infanticide is common, perpetrators may well be victims themselves in the future, such that they come out no better off; but as long as an infanticidal individual gains in reproductive output by its behavior, it will tend to become common. Further costs of the behavior in general may be induced by counter-strategies evolved in the other sex, as described below.

After the baby arrives, you can still change your mind or postpone the decision. You possess some time. But if you choose to circumcise, top time is shortly after birth (if the baby is healthy) or before the baby weighs 15 pounds or is three months old. Why? Because younger infants heal more quickly, don’t require stitches, have fewer complications such as bleeding or infection, and require only local, not general, discomfort relief. And it costs considerably less to circumcise a newborn than an adult infant. Infant circumcisions cost from a hundred to a few hundred bucks (more, of course, if you are having a religious ceremony and serving food and beverages). Circumcising an older baby or child can cost $2500 to $4000—and many insurance companies refuse to pay for elective circumcisions for older babies or children. They will, however, pay for circumcisions that are medically necessary.

Young males with low testosterone

young males with low testosterone


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