Women's testosterone cream

For years the use of supplemental testosterone for women has almost been taboo; the hormone testosterone as an anabolic steroid carries so much negative light due to its label but when we understand the importance of the hormone that should begin to change; after all, should we really be afraid of what we were naturally intended to produce? Let’s be clear, very clear, too much testosterone for women can be quite damaging; as the dominate male hormone if a woman has too much testosterone she can and will more than likely begin to display strong male dominant traits. For this reason it is imperative you consult with your doctor before any possible needed therapy is undertaken.

Hello Lara and Lil Chicka,
I have been doing douches with bicabonate + mineral water for the past week, 3 times per day, recommended by my naturalist doctor, to cure my vaginal infection (not sure if yeast or bacteria). I am feeling better in the whole (like the infection was draining a bit of me), and as the days pass it gets easier to insert the douch (didn’t realise how sensitive I was before..), and also my sex drive is increasing (maybe be the time month! Very interesting. Have you heard of it or used it? Would be nice to read more about, since there’s not o much on the internet.
Thank you for all wonderful and very importante information about our body!
Much appreciated,

Women's testosterone cream

women's testosterone cream


women's testosterone creamwomen's testosterone creamwomen's testosterone creamwomen's testosterone creamwomen's testosterone cream