What to stack eq with

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Modding a standard “TONE” knob to the three knob style is a huge thing for a beginner, a medium size overhaul for “one of them.” Probably not worth the hassle unless you really like this stuff, and/or really hate it as it is. Also, the “tone” knob is usually just a high pass filter to ground, like on a guitar tone control basically, its much different. Regarding the presence control, it is the same as a “tone” control but on the NFB loop. So there is a wire from your output tranny, usually the lowest impedance tap, which goes through a resistor, usually ranging from 10k to 100k. then inputing back into the circuit through the phase inverter. The presence control then, is also just like the tone control on your guitar, just letting some highs to ground to make it smoother and less ice-picky, There is more to it, involving the phase inverter which is really complicated, but that should quench your thirst for presence control stuff.

What to stack eq with

what to stack eq with


what to stack eq withwhat to stack eq withwhat to stack eq withwhat to stack eq withwhat to stack eq with