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According to The Mayo Clinic , male hypogonadism can begin during fetal development, before puberty, or even during adulthood. In the case of adult hypogonadism, the condition can cause erectile dysfunction, infertility, decrease in beard and body hair growth, decrease in muscle mass, development of breast tissue, and loss of bone mass. The condition can also cause mental and emotional changes similar to those women may experience during menopause. These may include fatigue, decreased sex drive, difficulty concentrating, and hot flashes, The Mayo Clinic reported.

Hey, My name is Abraham. I live in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia which is in east Africa. I am 19 and a half years old. I just showed signs of puberty. I only have pubic hair. I don’t have arm pit hair. I have a high voice like a child and overall I look like a child. And people assume that am 7th grader and don’t believe me when i say am freshman at college. I am having a hard time at college, they don’t take me seriously, the professors are making fun of me. I really am in a hard place right now. I get depressed everytime and hate myself. But when i try to talk to doctors here they don’t take me seriously they think am just a spoiled brat.

Testosterone shots results

testosterone shots results


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