Testosterone behavior effects

Other studies have shown that the presence of a high level of testosterone in blood can make individuals act aggressively only when injustice is done. Particularly, experiments carried out on women have shown that testosterone could be associated with the desire for justice and righteousness in social relationships [Burns, 2011]. What we do understand is that the environment and social context partially affect the parameters of the manifestation of some predispositions that are caused by androgen hormones, by stimulating those predispositions, decreasing or redirecting them.

We can publish blog posts, opinion papers and fudge statistics all we like, but these conclusions seem logical and indeed inevitable, to me. I advocate for generously compensating violent criminals’ families for volunteers for this program and preserving the physical characteristic of the physiology to avoid embarrassment, putting in prosthetics and preserving the ball sack. Castration done medically is a minor outpatient procedure with minimal risk. Many unwanted children who are aborted or abandoned every year and from whence the criminal element is drawn in large proportion, will also never be born.

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Testosterone behavior effects

testosterone behavior effects


testosterone behavior effectstestosterone behavior effectstestosterone behavior effectstestosterone behavior effectstestosterone behavior effects