Testorone levels

Carmen you need to fast and order one of Dr. Sebi’s packs. The small pack should work. Take the pack and fast while you are taking it. Fasting is the best way to cleanse your body of toxins at the cellular level. Drink at least a gallon of spring water every day. Your body will begin to restore its natural balance. Our bodies regulate themselves. When we start to introduce process foods and toxic foreign substances, your body is not able to regulate itself. Stop consuming processed foods and stop putting toxic chemicals into your body, and fast. Follow these recommendations and you will reverse your issue.

Hmmmm interesting. Funny you mention it because I was taking gaba not too long ago and it was in a mixture with some other stuff. Anyways, I think it was causing me to wake up kind of uncoordinated and feeling just kind of weird. Dissociative I guess you could say, which makes sense because it’s related to the NMDA receptors somehow I think. It supposedly “can’t” cross the blood brain barrier, at least this is repeated despite the fact that it can and does, it’s just an unreliable mechanism in which it does. Low levels of gaba were insinuated to absorb more in the brain also. I didn’t have this issue as if I took the full 750 mg I felt very strange consistently and none of the other supplements in the mixture would seem to do this.

Wow – thanks for the great info, JP! I’ve been growing my own herbs for the first time this summer with great success. The spearmint and sage seem to be doing the best, so I’ve been making large amounts of tea out of them. Been drinking quite a bit of both for about 6 weeks now. On a whim, I decided to google positive and negative aspects of ingesting these herbs and found that Sage contains large levels of thujone and should not be ingested in large quantities – yikes! And now I’ve learned from you that spearmint in large quantities may be shrinking my boys and lowering my libido – double yikes!! Who knew? What a shame, as I really enjoyed both as an ‘all day’ beverage. Oh well. Say, do you have any info on French Tarragon as a tea preparation? I really like having fresh herbal beverage to take the place of all the soda I was drinking.

Testorone levels

testorone levels


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