Natural supplements to boost testosterone

Good article, but the problem is we don’t know if this tips are given out of experience or not. There are plenty of non-specialized websites with similar tips, but no one confirms if the tips work or not. Is there anyone who tried any tip available on the net? I tried some but in vain :(, medical help is of no help neither. I’m really desperate. My hair condition is very very bad. I’m a 36 man, I started going grey in high school, since the greying has been slow, and I lived with it well, my hair looked nice, I got complements especially from girls. but within the last 3 years, the greying has crazily increased, my hair used to be, let’s say, 30% grey, within these 3 years, it’s almost grey, almost 20% black, I don’t understand what happened. The last 3 years were extremely tressful, but my dermtologits said it has nothing to do with stress. The test shows I have some minor iron defiency. I have been taking some vitamin supplements for more than 6 months, but no change. What makes my hair condition worse is that I also suffer from hair loss. I used to have thick hair. I really feel bad because I suffer from grey hair, hair loss and scalp redness, three or four years ago, I had no issues with my nice grey-black hair. I wonder if Hair Gel can be the cause of this? because my hair had been fine before I started using it, my hair changed after. I tried the gel for 5 years, then I stopped be cause I noticed my hair started getting thin. So I stopped. Since then, my hair condition has been degrading. My doctor told me hair gel doesn’t have such an effect, but I feel it does. So folks, is there anyone had some success with his/her grey hair?

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Natural supplements to boost testosterone

natural supplements to boost testosterone


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