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On 26 June 2017, De Boer was announced as the new manager of Premier League side Crystal Palace , replacing the recently retired Sam Allardyce . He signed a three-year deal with the South London club, [36] [37] but was sacked 10 weeks later when Palace lost their first four league matches of the season without scoring a single goal – the first team in 93 years to have begun a top-flight season in such a fashion. [38] He left having managed the team for only 450 minutes of Premier League game time, making it the shortest reign of the Premier League era (in terms of number of matches, rather than number of days). [39] De Boer's only win came in an EFL Cup second-round game, in which Crystal Palace won 2–1 against Ipswich Town . [38] [40] He was replaced by Roy Hodgson . [41]

Nandrolone juventus

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