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Moonthirty, I love your idea! I wonder, though, if there wouldn’t be problems from the thread twist coming off the spool in the wrong direction. If so, I guess there would be nothing to stop me from winding it off the first hacked spool onto a second one, which would send it back around the way it was intended to feed. Another concern I have is that some of the newer machines wind bobbins so fast that surely the thread would cut your fingers. Maybe it would be possible to feed it through a plastic yarn needle to protect your skin. I’m definitely going to try this. Rarely use the serger because I’m a quilter, but there are times when it would be great. I bought some bargain serger thread when I got the machine a dozen years ago and the plastic cones are starting to disintegrate, though the thread still seems strong.

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Make your own testosterone booster

make your own testosterone booster


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