Low t doctors

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I lived this nightmare myself from 1984 with the start of the first prescription and 8 years later with three withdrawals after tolerance had set in. In those years information was difficult to find and my doctors insisted that the problem was within me and certainly not the Rivotril. Due to a lack of proper information, I ended up in all the wrong places like Detox, Rehab for harsh addicts to illegal substances and Psych wards. With over 100 withdrawal symptoms all at once, it is a wonder I survived the ordeal. I often wanted to die due to the horrid pain these symptoms caused me, all day, everyday, for many years. Friends and family washed their hands off me, believing I was over dramatizing, asking for pity and attention, a pillpopper, a mental case. One even had the nerve to say ” We have always known there was something wrong with you”. They urged my husband to divorce me. I was lucky to find people in the UK and New Zealand who told me this was not me but the drug and accompanied me on my climb back to health which took more than 10 years to become someone resembling what I thought was ME. Today, my life is good and I am thankful I did not act on the urges to do the unthinkable…however, forgiveness and forgetting is slow…if ever. I lost my best years, I don’t remember raising my children or the people I met during my benzo years. For too many, these drugs destroy lives and health and it takes the rest of one’s life to recover.

Low t doctors

low t doctors


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