Loss of testosterone effects

Secondly, I wouldn’t be concerned whether or not you’re shedding. Some people shed a little bit, and some people don’t — but shedding is definitely NOT always a good sign (as you know). Some shedding is normal because of the nature of the massages. However, some people also shed because they create too much friction on the scalp skin, or they don’t allow for enough recovery time in between sessions. That’s not the good type of shed. So, don’t worry about not shedding ūüôā Regrowth is possible with or without the type of shedding you’re looking for.

“My family doctor basically told me that I had to live with my¬†Low T problem which was¬†not something I wanted to hear. He told me this for 2 years and in fact it made me so mad that I am no longer his patient. I decided to get¬†checked at TCT. After a thorough evaluation, including checking my blood, they told me that Low T was not something that I had to live with and in fact, they¬†have helped with my other medical problems. They are treating my blood pressure, cholesterol and erection problems as well. I’m in my late forties and finally feel like I have been “tuned-up”. I feel better than I have in years which allows me to focus less on me and more on the things I find important. Thank you to¬†everyone who helped get me where I am, including my ex-doctor.¬†Keep up the good work TCT!” —¬†Todd J.

Loss of testosterone effects

loss of testosterone effects


loss of testosterone effectsloss of testosterone effectsloss of testosterone effectsloss of testosterone effectsloss of testosterone effects