Hormone shot

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) (referred to as androstanolone or stanolone when used medically) can also be used in place of testosterone as an androgen. The availability of DHT is limited; it is not available in the United States or Canada, for instance, but it is available in certain European countries, including the United Kingdom , France , Spain , Belgium , Italy , and Luxembourg . [5] DHT is available in formulations including topical gel, buccal or sublingual tablets, and as esters in oil for intramuscular injection. [6] Relative to testosterone, and similarly to many synthetic AAS, DHT has the potential advantages of not being locally potentiated in so-called androgenic tissues that express 5α-reductase (as DHT is already 5α-reduced) and of not being aromatized into an estrogen (it is not a substrate for aromatase).

The hormone is synthesized and secreted from alpha cells (α-cells) of the islets of Langerhans , which are located in the endocrine portion of the pancreas. Production, which is otherwise freerunning, is suppressed/regulated by insulin from the adjacent beta cells. When blood sugar drops, insulin production drops and more glucagon is produced [14] In rodents, the alpha cells are located in the outer rim of the islet. Human islet structure is much less segregated, and alpha cells are distributed throughout the islet in close proximity to beta cells. Glucagon is also produced by alpha cells in the stomach. [14]

This is not to say that companies should take advantage of them and charge them higher prices. On the contrary, we charge minimal prices so that those who struggle with the cost of hormone replacement therapy can make it an achievable goal. Nevertheless, other less serious reasons to take HGH exist, such anti-aging effects. In fact, this is the predominant reason for the administration of HGH, along with weight-loss benefits. Taking on the cost of HGH injections is a small price to pay compared to the medical costs you will have to suffer should your condition grow into something more serious. This is not to mention the toll you are taking on your body and mind. Comparing the two, which is better: a loaded bank account or a healthy life?

Hormone shot

hormone shot


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