Haldol mode d action

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The sad thing is I think they KNOW they are doing harm to their patients, but because we are mentally ill we are sub-human to them, and so they don’t care about us. “to do no harm” does not apply to psychiatry. “To prevent mentally ill people from possibly doing something bad in the future even if it ultimately kills the patient” is their true intent. We are being punished for our thoughts, and punished for things we haven’t even done yet, and probably never would do in the future. Can you imagine the uproar if the government singled out a group of people and punished them because they might break some law in the future? Yet it happens everyday, and most people don’t care.

As a middle school teacher myself, I’m not at all surprised by this letter, and not really annoyed by the tone, either. This age group is notorious for blowing things out of proportion, and a letter reminding the parents to keep an even keel and remember to pay attention to their kids in light of this incident seems very normal to me. The tone is more a function of our litigious society – they have to cover every base, because there are many people who would like to find an excuse to sue anyone for their kid’s emotional challenges. That’s the unfortunate part in my mind.

Haldol mode d action

haldol mode d action


haldol mode d actionhaldol mode d action