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With its long tradition and stability, Ithaca is special. They preach family. Sixty kids comprised my freshman football class, but we became friends instantly through our love of the game. The strength of that initial bond with teammates – the fact that they automatically become your friends – made the thousand mile journey easier. Going from South Florida to Upstate New York was a great adjustment, yet I never once felt homesick. My coaches and teammates were always there for me. Of those sixty freshman, only about thirty remained on the team senior year – the rest either quit or got cut. Our friendship endured even after it was no longer facilitated through football. My roommates didn’t play the last two years, but remained my best friends.

The logic of this imprisonment is such that all dissidence expressing itself as ‘madness’ must be exterminated, but this is by itself directed against the patient. If you are on his/her side, do not trust the doctors, do everything in your power to get the patient out as quickly as possible. There are many cases where the refusal to take medication and the refusal to even talk to the doctors has resulted in the patient getting released quicker, but we know of cases where medication has been forcibly and violently administered. Support from the outside will be of great help here: Psychiatry is most of all hidden social engeneering, it only works if the spotlight isn’t too bright, if it’s undisturbed by critical intrusion… if the outer world collaborates with the authority that the doctors represent.

Haldol depot ampolla

haldol depot ampolla