Gnc canada testosterone booster

Both men and women can use the hCG diet.  For women, the treatments help provide body sculpting benefits as well as reversing certain signs of aging and reducing fat in areas such as double chins, droopy jowls and potbellies. Also, the hCG hormone helps to reconstruct the anatomical fat that all women have in greater quantity than men and improves the look of the face, neck and hands. In addition, energy levels of women using hCG are higher than those dieting without the use of hCG. The benefits of hCG for men are similar to those for women, but in men, hCG helps to increase testosterone levels. The natural production of testosterone gives men more energy, drive and a sense of positive well-being (less irritability, positive mood states), which helps to ensure that men will adhere to the strict rules of the diet without the negative feelings associated with a VLCD.

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Gnc canada testosterone booster

gnc canada testosterone booster


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