With v3, the Behringer X32 digital mixer is more powerful than ever. Auto Mix enables Dugan-style gain sharing, providing increased gain to your main speakers, while ducking open mics. This yields a better signal-to-noise ratio without any gating artifacts. Complete X-Touch integration allows direct control of volume, pan, EQ, FX, and more over Ethernet. Set up a full crossover without using a matrix mix. Reverse polarity on your outputs for easy speaker alignment. The X32-Edit app has been completely redesigned, with a new interface, full screen capabilities, floating windows, configurable fader layers, and more.

Here’s a device I wish I’d received a long time ago.  It’s amazing how different the audio sounds compared to the built-in speakers.  We can now understand dialog without having to replay a scene on movies.  Yes, there are cheaper sound bars available, but you get what you pay for.  The ability to connect via Bluetooth, multiple inputs, wireless sub-woofer and enhanced sound quality as compared to flat screen speakers is well worth the price. Also,  now I have multiple audio sources playing through the sound bar in the room where I spend most of my time.  The LG sound bar is a competitive entry that would be a smart purchase.