Eq smithing 300

I, so far, have been able to make five banded helms, and two banded shirts. The shirts I did at with my skill of eighty. Two tries per shirt. I know I was lucky to only have a single failure per item. But it goes to show you that having the patience to walk the long road will pay off. With the going rate being about forty plat for a shirt, if not more... You can see that even with a few failures per item, you will be making your gold back, and more. Don't just worry about getting to the skill to make banded, and stopping there. There are rumors around that smiths shall soon have the ability to start to make plate, or a type of plate armor. I have also heard that you are going to need a skill up around one hundred and thirty, if not more, if you want to pull this off.

Eq smithing 300

eq smithing 300


eq smithing 300eq smithing 300