Eq before or after effects

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Thanks Chris for your great article. I mainly mix for singers in (amateur) musical theatre situations, and sometimes I find with females that a slight boost around 350 to 450 Hz will make a thin voice more fuller sounding. I recently eq ed the cast of a play with songs while they were singing, with a desk that only had semi parametric eq ing for the mids. However what sounded good eq wise when they were singing I gradually realised, in rehearsal, was giving a slightly muddy sound with the dialogue, and also not helped because of the fake Irish accents the cast were using, made them at times not easy to understand. Some of this was down to diction not being as good as it could be, but some of the issue was with the eq ing. To remedy this, in most cases, but especially with the guys, I took a few dB off around the 400 Hz area, and it made a huge improvement with the clarity. It was a trade off, however there was a lot of dialogue that needed to be to be understood by the audience, and the singing of songs still sounded okay with the new eq ing. So I find I am always listening and learning with sound!

SVS most likely has a winner on their hands with the AS-EQ1. We're dying to get our hands on one for review to see just how well it works. For the two channel crowd or people that are waiting for HDMI to upgrade their receivers and want an easy to use room correction system, the AS-EQ1 is just what the doctor ordered. It's built to work with existing technology without overriding anything, it is easy to setup and maintain, and it lets you know exactly what it did via pretty graphs. If your mouth isn't watering just thinking about this product, you may have your Audioholics license revoked.

Eq before or after effects

eq before or after effects


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