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In an increasing well-connected and fast-paced world, miscommunication can become costly very quickly, both professionally and personally. Effective communication can help to build wonderful relationships, create energising teamwork and make interacting with people an experience to look forward to. The skills for effective communication can be learned.

This two-day EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION Workshop will give you a clear understanding of your strengths and how to use them to communicate effectively, and also to avoid or supplement areas of communication which by your nature, you do not enjoy.

Effective Communications is a critical skill for both personal and professional effectiveness. This two-day EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION workshop is short, sharp and full of fun activities to help you understand the communicating process as a manager and learn practical skills needed to communicate successfully and consistently with your team.

# Process each file in $SOURDIR, comparing it to $DESTDIR
for filename in $SOURDIR/*; do
    fn=`(basename "$filename")`
    if [ -f "$filename" ]; then
       if [ ! -f "$DESTDIR/$fn" ]; then
             missing=`expr $missing + $n`
            cp $SOURDIR/$fn $DESTDIR/$fn 2>and1 >> $LOGSFILE.$
         if [ -f "$DESTDIR/$fn" ]; then
             echo "$SOURDIR/$fn is missing from $DESTDIR and copied \n" 2>and 1 >> $LOGSFILE.$
             echo "$SOURDIR/$fn could not be copied to $DESTDIR" 2>and 1 >> $LOGSFIL.$

Komatsu ReMarketing allows you to invest in high quality used equipment without spending a fortune. Unlike used equipment brokers and dealers who sell their equipment "as is" most Komatsu used equipment is distributor certified. That means Komatsu distributors perform testing, diagnostics, and minor repairs before they give it their stamp of approval. We even offer financing options and maintenance / warranty programs to make buying this high-quality used equipment that much easier.

Ctc eq profile

ctc eq profile


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